Self-sabotaging human relationships can be quite a devastating concern that can trigger you and your partner to suffer. These behaviors can stem coming from a anxiety about being harm, unresolved childhood stress, lack of trust, and more.

Identifying these kinds of destructive actions can help you end them and get on the trail to a healthy and balanced relationship. A licensed specialist can help you determine why youre sabotaging your relationship and what you need to do to break the cycle.

Relationships are generally not easy, and it can take a large amount of work to hold them healthy. But you can make changes that could improve your standard of living and make you a happier person.

1 . You have impractical expectations of the partner

You might have high expectations of your partner and expect them to usually be there for you, meet your needs, and become emotionally obtainable. This could be a signal that you have low self-esteem and therefore are trying to truly feel secure in a relationship by getting what you want, says Davin.

2 . You use sex as a way to change your partner

One of the most common signals that you’re self-sabotaging a romance is if you use sex so that you can control your spouse. This tendencies can lead to infidelity and a breakdown within the intimacy inside your relationship, Davin says.

a few. You’re definitely on the lookout for leaves

When youre in a romantic relationship, you’re constantly looking for a great exit right from it. You happen to be avoiding responsibilities, meeting the fogeys, moving in with each other, and any other big steps that often feature dating.


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