Church of Annunciation in Pokcha

Original name

Blagoveshchenskaya Church

Geographic Area

Pokcha, Perm Krai, Russia

Reference Project

H2020-MSCA-RISE-2018 PROMETHEUS - PROtocols for information Models librariEs Tested on HEritage of Upper Kama Site​

Site description

Blagoveshchenskaya Church, or "Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin", in the village of Pokcha, is a monumental site developed during several historical phases in Cherdyn district, in Upper Kama (Russia). The original wooden complex was replaced in 1785 with a new one in stone and brick masonry, divided into several blocks: the main block, with a quadrilateral plan, defined a nucleus for the refectory, the chapels of St. George (south) and St. Nicholas (north), the bell tower and the entrance narthex. In 1910, a reconstruction intervention modified large portions, in particular the bell tower, completely replaced, and the central vault and apse; the interiors are preserved, with paintings and ornaments from 1870. The general coating of the building was integrated by an additional external brick layer with a decorative function.

The first restoration works began in 1920, until it was completely abandoned in 1940 and converted into an energy central: in the 1990s the central vault and roof of the bell tower partially collapsed, after repeated flashes attracted by the electrical system. Due to the extensive damage, the church is excluded from the local list of architectural monuments of interest, preventing any new intervention and restoration initiatives and leaving the site to ruins.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement N° 821870

Sandro Parrinello

UNIPV, University of Pavia
UPV, Universitat Polytècnica de València
PNRUPU, Perm National Research Polytechnic University
SIΣMA S.r.l.s,, Integrated systems for Architectural Monitoring
EBIME S.L., BIM consulting for Architecture and Engineering.

Survey Activities

Laser Scanner
Raffaella De Marco,

UAVs Photogrammetry
Francesca Picchio
Sandro Parrinello

Terrestrial Photogrammetry
Anna Dell'Amico

Anna Dell'Amico

360° Photo
Anna Dell'Amico

Post production Activities

2D Drawings
Student of the course of Architectural Survey & Restoration a.a 2018-2019, Universiy of Pavia. Professors: Sandro Parrinello, Giovanni Minutoli Tutors: Anna Dell’Amico, Matteo Bigongiari

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Documentation Methodology

The on-site documentation campaign, conducted in 2018, has been organized on a double level of acquisition, static from the ground with Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) and aerial with drones for 3D photogrammetry (UAV).

The TLS measurement, with a FARO Focus S150 instrument, produced 64 scans with the combined use of the internal photographic camera, developing a point cloud of 298,598,962 points, each one with specific RGB values. The UAV survey, essential for the reliable documentation of the elevated portions of coverage, was conducted with a DJI Phantom Pro drone, producing 207 photographic shots through a "point of interest" flight plan around the monument. The photographic campaign was integrated with a ground shooting, through a Nikon D7200 camera, collecting an overall photographic archive of 5,601 photographs. The fast survey was completed with the acquisition of 360° spherical photographs and videos through a Ricoh camera, also contributing to the documentation of the rural settlement and landscape context.

From the integrated terrestrial and aerial database, 2D vector drawings were produced for the description of the monumental portions of ruins; ”reality-based” 3D mesh models were also produced for the evaluation of the state of conservation and structural instability of the complex, in particular of the central vault portion.


Parrinello, S., De Marco, R. (2019). Integration and modelling of 3D data as strategy for structural diagnosis in Endangered Sites. The study case of Church of the Annunciation in Pokcha (Russia). IMEKO TC-4 International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. 223-228 ResearchGate

Parrinello, S., Picchio, F., De Marco, R., Dell'Amico, A. (2019). Documenting the cultural heritage routes. The creation of informative models of historical russian churches on upper kama region. ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. XLII-2/W15. 887-894. ResearchGate ResearchGate