Monte Senario Hermitage

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Geographic Area

Vaglia, Tuscany, Italy

Reference Project

Hermitic Architecture - Documentation of the Great Hermitages of Tuscany

Site description

The hermitage of Monte Senario stands on the top of a mountain that separates the valley of Florence from the Mugello. It is a place inhabited since the Bronze Age, as evidenced by some archaeological finds and it is the sacred place where the events of the Legenda de Origine Ordinis dei Servi di Maria are set. The complex has undergone numerous transformations and extensions over the centuries, from the first fourteenth-century nucleus to the present day. The site is characterized by caves and cells that are located in the surrounding woods. From the Sanctuary it is possible to appreciate a vast area of territory, from the chain of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines to the north, to the valley of Florence and beyond.


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Province of Florence

Sandro Parrinello

Laser Scanner Survey
Sandro Parrinello, Andrea Pagano, Giovanni Pancani, Tommaso Cianti, Aurora Sorini.

Topographic Survey
Sandro Parrinello, Andrea Pagano, Tommaso Cianti,

Virtual Museum
Sandro Parrinello, Andrea Pagano, Filippo Bardini, Antonella Zanni, Rossella Moscatelli, Carlo Cinelli, Letizia Baldini, Alberto Cappè, Azzurra Parigi, Matteo Pasquini, Carlo Raffaelli.

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Documentation Methodology

The research for the documentation of the hermitage of Monte Senario develops for about 8 years of work, alternating surveying activities with a long documentary research. The hermitage was a testing ground for direct survey, topographic and laser scanner activities, with the participation of numerous students from the Architectural Survey course.

Each room of the sanctuary has been represented with drawings and three-dimensional models to then create an interactive visit system with a VRML platform.


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